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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Rainy Day and Searching for Sea Glass

So far vacation has been nice and relaxing. We haven’t really gone anywhere, other than to the beach a couple of times to walk around. That is just my speed this week. After we walk at the beach for a while, then I come back and take a nap!

Monday was a very quiet, do nothing, “read a book and watch tv” type of day.

Early in the day, we could see a little bit of the shoreline. But by the afternoon, you couldn’t even see the water from the deck.


We just stayed inside and relaxed most of the day.

Tuesday was much nicer. From the time the sun started peeking over the horizon, it was easy to tell it was going to be a more pleasant day.


We went down to the beach and looked for sea glass. I will take a picture of our finds later, but basically they are small smooth pieces of glass from broken bottles and other glassware that the ocean polishes and deposits on the beach every morning when the tide goes out.


We probably found about 15 or 20 pieces yesterday, mainly clear, but we did find a few colored pieces as well. We will go back today and see if we can add to our collection. Smile


  1. That's sure a beautiful sunrise picture. With that location, sitting reading a book sounds just about perfect to me, what a great view! Good luck with the sea glass hunting.

  2. I agree it has been wonderful!