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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun Days in September

Today has been a fast day. Work was really busy. I worked on the cash line side for most of the day. Everybody was coming to get money out and cash their checks! They probably think we’re closed tomorrow – NOPE! Only Monday. I have to work tomorrow and hope it will be just as busy, because I am ready to get on with the business of a long weekend! And if it’s busy, it will be over more quickly!

Harry left work early today and headed out to meet Gretchen. She has to work tomorrow so we are doing Papa and Grammy duty for the evening.


Tomorrow we will head out after work and bring Schaun home. Then we will be staying until Tuesday morning. So a great long weekend is ahead. Smile

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  1. Sure sounds like you're all set for a great weekend - just get that work day over with!