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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here It Comes!

Well, I was right! That beautiful, warm summer weather that we were having last week disappeared overnight! Since the weekend, it has been cool and breezy. This afternoon I looked out the windows at work, and it was so dark outside! The dark today was from thick clouds, but it will be the norm soon! It’s 7:30 right now, and it is black outside. Annoyed Fall is definitely coming….and quickly.

Have you heard of serendipity? I just looked it up, and one definition is making a fortunate discovery while looking for something unrelated. I don’t know if my “discovery” exactly qualifies, but it seems somewhat serendipitous to me. A little background…Harry and I have been discussing getting a quote for the work that we still want to do in the kitchen. We’ve made some strides in there – Harry installed all new flooring this year, and we have a new stainless steel oven, refrigerator, and microwave that we purchased in January.

Here are the “before” pictures of the kitchen – old floor, old appliances….

IMG_1795 IMG_1789
IMG_1788 IMG_1792

Here are the improvements to date….

IMG_3018 IMG_3022

We still have to buy a new dishwasher, but the one we have now isn’t that old, so we are waiting a bit to get that. So anyway, there have definitely been improvements, but we still have a major area that needs to be improved upon – the cupboards and the countertops. SO, having someone in to take a look at our kitchen has been on our list. We thought about using Home Depot, but they charge unless you end up using them.

Back to my serendipitous moment yesterday…I was heading to the gym, and I turned out of our road, and had to stop at the first light. The red light there is kind of long, so I had time to look around and what did I see in the lane right next to me, but a truck with big letters spelling out “Hickory Hill Cabinetry” and below in smaller letters a list which included kitchen cabinet refacing!! I wasn’t even thinking about our kitchen until I saw that, but quickly I grabbed a piece of paper and pen, and wrote the number down. I called today, and what they do is exactly what we need! They basically give a facelift to existing kitchen cabinets, drawers and all exposed surfaces. They also do countertops. Someone is coming in October to give us a quote for redoing our kitchen! I am so excited! This is the last really major thing we have to do to prepare our house for selling. So, whether it was serendipity or not, I don’t know, but I sure am glad I looked around and read the side of that truck!


  1. Your going to have things so nice, you won't be able to sell!

  2. great advertising for them and you..we have a place called do-a-door in a Canada..same idea though..hope it turns out great!!

  3. I just love serendipitous moments!
    I know what you mean about fall..I had to decide between jeans or stick with capris for work today. Capris won out :)