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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home :)

I am home! I was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon, and arrived home about 3 pm. It was so good to be home! The very first thing that I did was take a shower and wash this hair! Then I made a nice little area on the couch and took a great nap. Obviously, right now top priority is R & R, so this is definitely going to be a short entry.

Thanks to the people who left comments and well-wishes on the blog. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts after Harry’s catch-up entry. I said to him, “will you write a short entry and just let people know what’s going on?” Sarcastic smile haha – so much for short! He did do a great job of summarizing all the events of the week though. I am glad that Harry told me to call the doctor right away that morning – I definitely needed to get to the hospital when I did. I am also grateful that all of the elements came together so well, with all of the key people doing their part. Harry of course…the clinic PA who sent me over for a CT test, the ER person who took my vitals and moved me right along, the surgeons who did such an awesome job, all the nurses and hospital staff – very grateful to all. God is good.

I did want to say one short word in my defense – in “blogland”, facebook, and in person, I’ve had many people say in one way or another, you can’t ignore things like that. Well, that’s the not so positive thing about having a high tolerance for pain. And, by high tolerance, I mean that I just don’t feel some pain as acutely as someone else would. It’s not like I was ignoring this huge excruciating pain all week – I just didn’t feel that bad. I really and truly thought that I had a stomach bug. This high pain tolerance may be a good thing sometimes, in life’s normal everyday situations, but not a help when you don’t realize that you are developing a life threatening illness. Another reason for me to be grateful – God is good.


  1. I am so glad to hear you are home, well and recovering.
    I too, have a high tolerance for pain which can be good and bad all in itself.
    I guess sometimes it helps to have that other person making you see the doctor when they see the pain more than you feel it.
    I'm glad to see this turned out well.

    Recover, rest and get better. Main priority right now!

  2. glad you are home and on the mend!..take care of yourself!!

  3. So glad you are home and on the mend! Please rest up so you can go on your vacation! Let "king" Harry take care of you :-)

  4. So glad this came out with a good ending!

    Every day is precious.

    Take care and rest well.

  5. Glad to see you are having a fast recovery!! You are correct about it being life threatening. My sister was very thankful our grandma was living with us at the time hers ruptured. She was the only one that heard her in the middle of the night keeled over in the bathroom.