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Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Pictures and a Question

Yesterday I posted pictures of our garage, and CeiPui had a question about the bags in the garage.


For those of you who have come along more recently, you may have missed the arrival of our pellets for the winter. We heat with a pellet stove and I explained the whole process shortly after our 2 tons were delivered in August.

We also took a drive yesterday to Walmart in North Greenbush, and along the way there is a spot where you can get some nice shots of Albany which, as you may know, is the capital of NYS. I have been looking at the foliage shots every time I went by there on my way to the store. Each time I thought about taking pictures, but I never had my camera with me. The leaves are falling very quickly now, so yesterday we made a point of bringing our camera with us.

A few pictures of the last gasp for fall 2010…

That road off in the distance is I-90, and the little town to the right of the picture is East Greenbush.


A view of Albany….


and a close up…


That weird shaped building in the center of the photo is called the Egg, and it is a conference center owned by the State of New York. The three shorter identical buildings are Agency Buildings – New York State agencies have their headquarters in those buildings, and the tallest building is Corning Tower, which includes the observation deck for the city and the state’s wind turbine. It produces 30% of the power for the whole complex. Corning Tower is where Harry works, and he is also my source for all the information in this paragraph. Smile

Hard to believe tomorrow is November, and we are going to be feeling like it…tonight our lows are forecast to be in the 20s, and highs in the 40s….sigh…..Crying face

But…to leave on a bright note….hopefully we will sell the elliptical today!!

Have a happy Halloween everyone! Ghost


  1. The trees and leaves are pretty much the same here as October ends. It won't be long now before the leaves are all gone I guess. Good luck with the elliptical and Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween to you and Harry!!..enjoy the last day of October!!

  3. Lows in the 20's, better get those pellet bags into the house! LOL

    I know, you probably have a stoker!

  4. Happy Halloween! We plan on a fire in the fireplace while we hand out bags of chips to the lil trick-or-treaters :-)

    George is busy cleaning out his old truck, getting it ready for tomorrow!

  5. You still have some pretty color there. A lot of our trees are already bare, but have others that are green. A very funny fall here.