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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Nice Day

And that is an all around kind of nice. I started off with my usual work hours, but it wasn’t so bad since I had yesterday off. And it was busy! Really busy!! The hours went by so fast, and before I knew it, I was heading home.

It finally really looks like spring around here!


After I changed my clothes, we headed out for my sister’s house, about 40 miles away. We didn’t have a real purpose, other than going for a visit, showing them the new truck, and having a chance to really see how it felt to be out on the road in our new wheels! It was great!

I could even see the Hudson River as we crossed the bridge without having to look through the bars! Be right back


The guys had to check out all the particulars. I don’t know how I managed to buy a car and not even once check under the hood!


And then everyone got to take a ride in Uncle Harry’s new truck. Well, except for me and my sister, we stayed home and chatted, while we enjoyed the peace and quiet – oops, I mean, HAD to stay home.


After hanging out for awhile, it was time to head home. We really enjoyed how the new truck rides. We are rethinking whether we are going to keep one of the cars when we start traveling. We can see the benefits, but financially, we think it might even be more beneficial to not have the expenses of another vehicle. More importantly, we just like traveling together. So we will see - we are still pondering that question.

I made a change on the blog countdown clock today. I was originally counting down to our fifth wheel purchase. However, we really don’t know when we are going to buy the fifth wheel – it could be as early as this fall, or as late as late spring next year. So I decided to change the countdown clock to a date which is more firmly set – putting our house on the market! I’ve changed the date on that countdown several times in the past months, but hopefully now, I have settled on an event for my countdown.

Lots of exciting times ahead! Open-mouthed smile


  1. So you are having fun with the truck already!! The "guys" look like they are having a grand time in the back seat. It will be really fun when you find the perfect Fiver for your needs.

  2. Fun stuff! I bet it's really comfortable inside. Great countdown!!

  3. I dropped the count down because things are so uncertain. I have to just wait and see what and when things will happen. Or not.

  4. We've been having some Internet access issues while traveling and have not dropped in to many blogs lately. Did not know there was a new truck in the family! Great and loads of fun in it.

  5. To me, anyway, driving along in a car while the other spouse is in the truck pulling a 5'er, takes away half the fun of RV'ing and that's simply traveling together and enjoying the sights you both see. I don't get that at all.

  6. looks like you are both enjoying the new truck!..I, too don't understand the concept of following behind in another vehicle..I would want to be in the truck with my husband experiencing the view out the windshield together!!
    have a beautiful Sunday!!!