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Friday, July 1, 2011

Back to the Same Ol’

So this week we have gotten back to our normal routines. Thinking smile

It was so nice while we were traveling to have news to share, pictures of something new to post, something other than WORK going on to talk about.

It’s been a nice week weatherwise – highs in the 70s, and in the evenings actually feeling a little cool considering that it is summer. We have been doing more pick up around the house in preparation for the realtor visit next week. We have a few projects left to complete before we sell the house, but our list is actually starting to wind down a bit. The projects that are left are on the smaller side – painting etc. It is a good feeling to have the major stuff out of the way.

Other than that, it’s been an uneventful week, and nothing particularly exciting to blog about. Hopefully by the end of this weekend our house will be at the point where I can post a few pictures. Smile

Happy Friday! and Happy Canada Day to all of our northern neighbors!


  1. Being in one spot working as we are now, sometimes it is difficult to come up with something "interesting" to blog about. But, hey, it's all good and what is boring to us may be totally absorbing to another!

  2. Thanks for the Canada Day wishes!

    After all the excitement you've had lately, I'd be happy with quiet and boring for a few days!

  3. Blogging has it's challenges... I have a hard time unless I am in a new area. But I still try to entertain my readers. Some people just have a knack for writing a GREAT blog about anything & everything. Writing is not my strong side... LOL I know you'll be excited to get the house done and sold!!!
    Have fun

  4. I agree, when we are stationary for a long time as we are this summer, it is hard to get ideas for the blog.

  5. I.M has gots a chuckle from yer post. It are almosts like that without snow or rain, y'all can't takes a picture of nothin'. :)