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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Great Free Day with One Big BUMMER

Yesterday was the free day at the rally, and it was so nice to have no events scheduled. We got up about the same time as we had for the rest of the week. None of us (Laurie, George, Harry or myself) are big “sleep in” people. So that has worked out well – we have discovered that we are very compatible. It seemed to be quite surprising to many of our tablemates at the seminars this week that we decided to share a cabin without ever having met. It didn’t seem like a weird decision to Laurie and me. Guess it just seemed like we knew each other through our blogs!

So anyway, back to yesterday…

After a nice pancake breakfast with some yummy NY maple syrup, we headed out for some local RV dealerships.

We started at Tennessee RV. It was another nice day, warm but a little cloudy.


At Tennessee RV, we saw a variety of Open Range products. They were really nice, and had some great features, especially the full size refrigerator. But we didn’t see anything that really jumped out at us.

From there, we went to RVs for Less. They had several Heartland Landmarks for our perusal. We headed for the San Antonio, but I didn’t care for the split bathroom. I really love the rest of the floor plan, but the bathroom part is probably a deal breaker. SO, we moved on to the next Landmark, and there, one of the ones that we weren’t really focused on turned out to be the one we like the best.

The Rushmore…


I didn’t think I would like the TV in the rear, but seeing it in person changed my mind. I like it better than a split bathroom for sure!!

Laurie checking out the Rushmore…


I really like the kitchen area, with the island.


I didn’t take those last three pictures – they were “borrowed” from Laurie. (Thanks for emailing them to me Laurie.) I took lots of pictures, but I couldn’t use them because…(here comes the BUMMER), I LOST my camera!!! Crying face Harry and I were taking one last look at one  more floor plan, and I went to take another picture, and…no camera. We looked everywhere we had been, but we could not find it. I feel bad that I lost it. The only bright spot is that I upload my pictures everyday, so the only pictures I lost were all the ones I took yesterday. We left our name, number and address with the dealership, so there is a chance we could get it back, but I am not getting my hopes up for that.

So anyway, after several hours at that dealership, we headed back to the campground to relax for a bit, and then it was time for dinner.

We felt like some good barbeque, so we asked at the office, and they recommended a place right down the street called Happy Jacks BBQ. Oh man!! So good!!!

The waitress was nice enough to take our picture…(again borrowed)


That was the biggest “glass” of iced tea I have ever had!

So we had a great day yesterday! After dinner, we headed back to the campground and went for a little walk. It turned out to be shorter than we planned because the clouds that had been hanging around all day finally opened up. We hightailed it back to the cabin, and the rest of the evening was quiet and relaxing. Smile

Last full day of the rally coming up today…


  1. I agree with you! It couldn't have worked out better...

  2. Sorry to hear about your camera. Hopefully, it wasn't a big, expensive Canon or Nikon digital SLR. Better yet, I hope someone finds and returns it.

    Those Heartland Landmarks are pretty nice. We can sure vouch for Heartland quality after our winter vacation in our new Heartland Big Country. It's just great and we both love it.

  3. love the layout with the tv in the back and walkaround island in the kitchen..but that is just my opinion...
    hope the camera finds its way back home!

  4. Well stuff happens and its only a camera, but I know that I would have been stressing over where it went to.

    Anyway I think going and looking at all the models without having any pre conceived ideas about which one is best is the way to shop for RVs. The one that is right just seems to jump out at you when you find it.

  5. Looks like a great rig. Too bad about the camera. One thing I try to do (but sometimes forget) is to take a picture of a 3X5 card with my contact information on it. That way if the camera is misplaced, some nice person may see that photo and return the camera. Don't know if it works but it's worth a shot!

  6. I feel like I know many of the other bloggers as well as people I see in neighborhood social activities. Maybe better!