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Thursday, July 14, 2011

And Back to Work…

I enjoy my mid-week day off. It’s a nice respite in the middle of the work week, and always makes the work portion of the week feel a little shorter.

The weather is beautiful. It’s a wonderful sunny day, with a pleasant breeze blowing in the window, and a forecasted high of around 80 degrees today.IMG_2532

IMG_2549 The short summer months are definitely the best time to be up here in northern New York, and all over the northeast (well, unless you are a skier or some other winter sport enthusiast, which I am not).  It’s the wonderful summer weather that helps us feel really positive about our fulltiming plan.

IMG_2559Even after we are on the road, we plan to spend the majority of our summers in the northeast. I know people have a wide variety of ways of dealing with doctors appointments and all that, but we plan to keep all of ours pretty much the same. We will just arrange them as much as possible between the months of May and September. And also during the summer months, we expect to have a lot of quality time to spend with our families. (We don’t see people as often in the winter anyway, due to the difficulties of planning trips that have to depend on last minute weather reports.)


Anyway, back to the present….yesterday, I started organizing our piles of stuff for the sale we have coming up. What a mess! I don’t know how many more sales we will have. After this one is over, I think I may just donate or pitch the items that are left. It sure is a lot of work for what will probably not be a lot of financial return.

Yes, there really is a floor somewhere under there!!









You can see what our project for the next week or so will be!


  1. The weather sure looks nice your way!
    Mike and I kept our doctors the same as well. We just felt more comfortable doing that and now that we will only be part-timing it we're glad we did.
    Sure looks like alot of packing going on....progress!!!

  2. I had my LAST garage sale years ago. By the time we wore ourselves to a frazzle, bought pizza and drinks for ourselves and all the helpers, and cleaned up all the "left-overs", we decided NO MORE. I might sell an item on Craigslist from time to time but mostly, it's easier to just give stuff away. But good luck on your sale. I admire those who still have the energy to do that.

  3. I am hyperventilating just looking at all that stuff you have to get rid of!! Oh boy that's a lot of work!! LOVE your fiver!! You guys look like the cats that ate the canary! (Ask Crookshanks and Ariel if you want to know what that's really like!)

  4. We kept all of our medical peole and visit them when we are in our home area. It just easier that way and if we get to sick we go to the ER or walkin clinic...
    Have fun

  5. I'm with you on the sale of the stuff. It's such a pain sorting, marking, etc. that I think it would be easier to donate. I just don't want to give up the $$ we'll put in the RV fund!