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Monday, July 11, 2011

Very Productive Weekend

We had another great weekend, accomplishing projects or at least making a great dent in them.

I spent much of Sunday working on my recipes. I have scanned 220 recipes now – which includes 2 binders, a number of recipe cards out of a homemade style cookbook, and numerous other newspaper clippings and inserts that I have saved over the years. Even if we were not getting ready to downsize into a smaller space, I would be happy to have all of that clutter out of the cupboard.

It also has given me another great idea. I have TONS of newspaper clippings and papers printed from online sites having to do with genealogy research that I have done over the past years. I am going to scan them as well. As long as I back them up, it seems so much more secure than just hanging onto printed copies, which are already starting to fade from age.

Harry spent time on Sunday continuing his work on the trim. He  finished the bathroom window and the two windows in the office. Next weekend he is going to work on the large window in the living room. More progress!

And in the process of going through my recipes, I even found one for mac ‘n’ cheese which I thought looked as good as it did the day I cut it out of whatever magazine it came from. So I headed to the store for a few ingredients and made it for dinner yesterday. Smile Maybe when we head out on the road, I will actually have time to try some more of these recipes I have been accumulating for years!


  1. I like your states visited map and will to try to place one on my site.

    I hate to admit, do not try lots of new recipes now that we are full timing. BUT - we do try lots of new RESTAURANTS! Does, that count?

  2. Looking forward to following your progress and eventually hitting the road! Cheers! ~M

  3. I don't think I'd have the patience to scan in all my recipes! I'll take my chances and take the box :)