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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back on the Road–Briefly

This morning we had our first outing with the fiver – nothing too exciting, but we did hitch up and move out of the driveway.


Today we had to take the fiver to be inspected. We had waited a few weeks to register in NYS, not being in any hurry to pay the 8% sales tax, but last week we finally had to bite the bullet and pay the tax man. So we had ten days to get the inspection and today was the day.

002It seemed strange to be putting in all the slides and preparing for a move. Over the past month, things have been left on the countertops and the living area definitely had a lived-in feel. There wasn’t a lot though, so it only took us about 10 or 15 minutes to pick up, stow the satellite and bring in the slides.


The place where we got the inspection is only 2 or 3 miles down the road, so it was a quick and easy trip. The process was quick and we were soon on our way back home.




Backing up at home went SO great!! We learned from our first time for sure. We live in a development of two connected blocks, which essentially turns the road into a circle of sorts. So this time we came in the other way, so we were pointing in the other direction. Harry backed up, and voila, we were settled in the place we wanted to be on his first try!!


We will be taking a longer trip soon though, but not for a getaway unfortunately. Thinking smile Although we have had wonderful luck so far as far as glitches or problems with our new fiver, we have identified one issue that sadly we are not able to fix ourselves. The last time I used the microwave, it worked for about 3 minutes, and then it went off. No clock, no power, nothing. It works fine when plugged into a different outlet, but not when it’s plugged in where it should be.

Over the past week or so, Harry has checked what he can – after multiple calls to our dealer. The microwave outlet is consistently showing 86 volts of power, when it should be 118 – 120. The breaker is fine, showing the correct amount of volts there. All the wires are connected, no loose wires anywhere that Harry can find. So the only possible area left for the problem is the actual wire between the breaker and the outlet. It will need to be replaced. So next Wed. we are taking the fiver to the closest Heartland authorized repair place, about an hour and a half away in CT. Sad smile I have definitely bonded with our new home, because I hate the thought of leaving it somewhere, even for a short time. Hopefully this will be a quick and easy repair job, and very soon we will be able to head back and pick ‘er back up.


  1. Along with our rolling homes came problems from time to time... After all they are going down some bumpy roads things are sure to come loose or break.
    Good news it can all be fixed and you're under warranty!!!
    Have fun

  2. The great advantage of trying out the new rig in Camp Driveway is finding the wee glitches that come with any new rig. Hopefully this will be an easy fix and you'll have your home back home in a jiffy!

  3. Hopefully an easy fix. Yellow Rose is right, Camp Driveway is an asset.

  4. thank goodness for a warranty!..hopefully the repair won't take too long and you can have your 'home on wheels' back in Camp Driveway soon!!

  5. I know that feeling...we've had our Heartland Road Warrior since mid May and I had a small panic attack when Pirate took it in for a bad wheel! Heartland makes such great coaches...if we didn't need a toy hauler, we'd have gone with a Landmark or Big Horn/Big Country.

    I see you have a kitty, too! I found a great litter box with a small footprint ...google 'Clever Cat' It looks almost like a storage tote and Willie took right to it. They enter from the top and the lid has a large hole and grids for keeping down the litter=tracking.

  6. It is a strange feeling when you have to leave the RV somewhere, you worry about it.

  7. I think all of our rigs have those little annoying fixes! Donna is so right....they take a beating going down the road. Hopefully yours will not take long and you'll have your "home" back with you.
    Congrats on the backing up!! You guys are pros!!

  8. Good job on backing into the driveway so easily!

    Little things like the microwave are no big deal in the long run as it's not something that's absolutely critical like a faulty slide or something. Should be a quick fix for the techs! At least it's all under warranty so that's good.

  9. Too bad about the microwave but shouldn't be too bad getting it fixed.

    Just curious...what do you have to have inspected and why?

  10. New york must be milking every dime they can out of you guys, I'm sure there's a fee for the inspection,Here in MO. cars and trucks need an inspection but not trailer. I would think the lights and brakes are the only things they would even look at. That wire won't be much of a job to fix.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  11. When we were in NJ, they did not require trailer inspections either. The 6 short weeks we were Texas residents (what a mistake) we found they require inspections on trailers. Due to LOTS of $$$$$ savings we quickly changed our domicile to SD. No inspections ever - on trailer or truck. And were we ever glad we only had to pay 3% excise tax when we bought the new truck in March.

    Hoping the repair is quick and permanent.

  12. Still thinking getting the bugs worked out before hitting the road permanently is a good thing! Can't wait to see it!