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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some Numbers

We met with the realtor last night to hear the results of the market analysis. We were a little apprehensive to hear the reality of our situation, as opposed to what we might be hoping for from our house sale. The news wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t all great either.

First the good points…

The realtor brought a packet which included pending, recently sold, and current on the market homes in our area for places that were comparable to ours. When we looked at the pictures and descriptions of the homes on the market, very few of them had all updated features. People might have replaced a couple appliances, or put in a wood floor, or installed a pellet stove, but few homes had done full kitchen upgrades, or replaced all the siding, windows, doors, floors etc. in the past couple of years as we have done. So that makes our home somewhat more desirable in these areas than another home might be. We were told that our house will “show well.”

The median price for the homes which are most comparable to ours is pretty close to what we were hoping to sell our house for. So that was a relief not to hear a number that was $30 or $40k less for a starting price.

The negatives…

Well, really there is one real negative, and I don’t think anyone out there is going to be surprised to hear it. We’re just in a really slow market right now. The realtor brought a pile of “on the market” homes to show us in our price range, maybe 15 or 16 of them. But the other two piles were really small – ONE home sold in our area in the past 6 months, and ONE pending sale. (I’m glad I’m not trying to make a living as a realtor right now.)

So that’s the bad news. One other positive point is that we still have 17 months before we will be listing our house for sale. So hopefully the market will improve, even somewhat, before then. By next October or November we can see how many of these homes have sold, and how much they sold for, and can use those numbers to hopefully price our house for a successful sale!


  1. I.M. hopin' that besides healin' all wounds, time also improves house sales. Y'all knows yer writin' a textbook on how to become a fulltimer don't ya? Y'all should be collectin' yer posts and editin' 'em as you go along to make one of them e-book things.

  2. Just remember that it doesn't matter how many houses are on the market it only takes one buyer to sell yours.

  3. Here's hoping your sell sell soon for you!!!

  4. at least the numbers are what you were expecting!!..the 17 months will fly on by!!!

  5. It seems to me that the improvements you have mad are good ones and ones that you have been able to enjoy. It sounds like you have been realistic about what the prices of homes in your area are. That should help.

    Good luck down the road.

  6. All of your improvements will jump your home to the top of the list when folks are looking for a home. That will make yours the number one home to get. And it will only take one buyer, not 16 in order to sell the home at the last of the list. So chin up!! You'll do just fine when the time comes.......

  7. It took almost a year to sell my home! But with the right realtor and alot of faith it will happen.

  8. It only takes one person and it sounds like you are offering a top notch house!! I also think time is on your side in this case. You'll make it....it WILL happen!!

  9. Always hard to hear about the market, but some days the TV says that home sales are up. Go figg'r :) When the time is right, it'll happen. We're keeping the faith. We're trying to decide now when to put George's house up.

  10. Here's hoping we have a market come back before you actually have to sell your house. At least you are on top of things and are doing all you can to make it happen. Good luck.