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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Bit o’ This and That

More driveway camping! And we are lovin’ it! We do have a reason though, other than just to enjoy ourselves out here. While I was at work this morning, Harry continued the project of staining the trim around the windows. He worked on the large window in the living room today. Since the smell of the stain is a little oppressive, we have moved out to the camper for the night.

All of the windows downstairs have now been stained, except for the sliding glass door out to the back deck. Upstairs only the bathroom and our bedroom need to be stained yet. This will be a HUGE item off our to-do list for the year when all of the window trims are stained!

We have been enjoying the air conditioning out here in the rv, and are really glad that we had the 50 amp outlet installed in the garage before we headed down to Tennessee almost a month ago. I was also very glad to see on our National Grid account that having the fiver plugged in for three weeks only increased our bill by about $14.

Our new Serta 4 in. memory foam mattress topper came on Wednesday, and tonight will be our first time sleeping on it! We love the memory foam topper on our bed in the house, and bought a thicker one for the bed in our fiver, so we are both excited to experience how comfy our bed will be now. Smile

We have had the cats out here most of the day, and they are starting to settle down. They haven’t been doing so much pacing and complaining!!

We have an appointment with the realtor on Tuesday to hear the results of his market analysis. So that will be informative, and hopefully positive. We will be finding out soon.

Guess that’s it for the potpourri of “stuff” going on around here!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. I love the idea of driveway camping!

    We have a slab where the old shed was. We are trying to figure out if we can possibly park a large class A up there. It is not so much getting it in, although that will be a challenge, as it is getting it back out and up the winding road.

    Hard to describe.

    We may have to rent storage if we buy what we are thinking about.

  2. Drive way camping - now there's an idea. I think I'll do that next time the relatives descend lol!! Sounds like you're getting a lot and I hope your market analysis goes well. Sleep well on your new topper.

  3. driveway camping is a great idea!..good way for the kitties to get use to the new way of life!

  4. Driveway camping is fun. When our kids come home they always fight over who's going to get to sleep in the 5'er!