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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Keeping Busy

It has been a busy few days around here! Since Wednesday, we have been working, of course, ho hum. Thinking smile And also, getting ready for a moving event, and a yard sale event.

Today we worked most of the day pricing items for our upcoming yard sale, which takes place next Saturday. We took a break and headed into Albany for a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden, which was made even more wonderful when we discovered that we had a gift card which covered the entire balance. Open-mouthed smile

After dinner and arriving back home, we finished up getting ready for the big move of several pieces of furniture to Andrew’s place tomorrow. I was about to say that we were hoping that the move would go on as scheduled, since the movers had not yet confirmed for tomorrow’s date and time. However, just as I was writing this, my phone rang! Phew! We are all set! I will have lots of pictures of our furniture heading out the door to share tomorrow night!

Tomorrow will be a busy day. After the movers are finished, we are going to be packing up the truck to take the first load of yard sale stuff to my sister’s house. By tomorrow night, we should have a lot moved out of here! Can’t wait to see what the house looks like with less furniture!


  1. It is really nice when you can "see" the progress as it heads out the door.
    Sounds like the Olive Garden was the perfect choice!!

  2. All that furniture moving out, you'll be sleeping in the fiver :)

    We ended up at Olive Garden ourselves last night! GMTA :)

  3. Good for you. You keep at it and you will be ready to go when the time comes. I've gotten all bogged down on getting rid of things, but now we are on the verge of buying a motor home and Craig is starting to "dream!"

  4. all in the name of 'progress'!!..have fun with 'moving day' tomorrow!!

  5. Having a gift card covering the check is always nice.

    I am reminded of friends we met on the road. She wanted to fulltime. He didn't. He came home one night to find everything in living room GONE, SOLD! A few weeks later came home to no bedroom furniture. She got her way. No regrets from either of them.

  6. The only thing better than dinner at the Olive Garden is a 'free' dinner at the OG.