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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We Need Practice!

Well, I don’t know if we need it, but we are enjoying some anyway. Since it’s a hot and somewhat humid day, we decided it was a nice afternoon to come hang out in the comfort of the air conditioning.


Harry took advantage of the time to work on hooking up some new cable to the tv and sound system.

We brought the cats over, to give them some time to get acclimated.



  Ariel was waiting for someone to come over to the door so she can make a break for it, out of this strange place!

But after awhile, they started to settle down a bit.




Ariel is way in the back, near the wall. She always likes to find secluded places to hang out.

So earlier today, we met with the realtor. He seemed to appreciate the amount of work we have done around the house.


This is the dining room. This table and chairs will be taken to Harry’s daughter sometime in August.







We will bring the smaller table in the kitchen into the dining room and open it up.



  This hutch, along with the dishes, will also be going to Gretchen.

We are happy with how things are moving along. The next project we intend to tackle is to finish staining the windows.



The realtor will give us a call next week, and will be coming back over to share his findings with us. I have a number in mind that I am hoping for as a minimum, but we shall see. Fingers crossed


  1. good luck..hopeyou get the list price you want!!!

  2. You're doing really well at getting your house ready. It looks great!

  3. The house is looking very nice and I think any buyer would be very impressed. Good luck with the pricing!

  4. I hope the Realtor comes back with a good price on your house - it sure looks nice! Good luck!

  5. House is looking great (both of them!) Hope your list price will be a good one for you. Looks like the cats are right at home in the fiver!

  6. I echo the previous comments...your house looks very nice. And the cats don't look too traumatized! Good luck with the realtor.

  7. I sure hope that everything goes the way you want it to. And that it sells really quick!
    Have fun...