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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kickin’ Back

It is hazy, hot and humid tonight. But, we are cool and cozy …and….



   hanging out in our driveway.






We ordered a memory foam mattress topper, which will be coming tomorrow. However, we will suffer through tonight on the mattress that came with the fiver. Winking smile

We brought the cats out with us, and hopefully they will start to settle down one of these times, as they get used to their new surroundings.

If I can’t see you, then you can’t see me.


They aren’t making too much noise, but they keep pacing back and forth, and we have to be super careful when one of us goes out the door that they don’t make a break for it! IMG_4793It surprises me a bit that Ariel would try to go out the door, as she has always been an indoor cat, and has never seemed even a little bit interested in going outside. Right now, though, she seems to be operating under the premise that any place is better than this strange place!

I am off from work tomorrow, and the weather is supposed to be a little nicer, a high of 80 and lower humidity. We have scheduled a yard sale for the 30th of July, at my sister’s again, as we did last year. So tomorrow’s project will be to start organizing all the stuff in our garage, and pulling it all together for the sale.


  1. One day at a time... Glad you're having fun with the 5ver'... let me know how you like the memory foam mattress pad ~ I've been looking at them!
    Have fun

  2. Do you have a 30amp hookup at your house? How do you run the a/c? The cats will adjust, it just takes time.

  3. Driveway camping is always fun! Cheers! ~M

  4. happy driveway camping!!..nice when the fiver is home and it's hot!..can you say blasting 'aircon'!!

  5. I've been away from the computer for awhile so I caught up on your progress tonight. Looks like you're sticking to your checklist and getting closer everyday to "takeoff!"
    It will be here before you know it!

  6. Camp Driveway! Gotta love it! Glad you guys are having so much fun with your 5er! Just keep an eye on those kitties until they feel at home and know not to go dashing out the door. Have you tried a harness and leash on either of them?

  7. I can't count the number of days Ira and I "camped" in our driveway. So much fun. The 5er looks good.