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Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Chillin’

Definitely seems like a strange title to begin with when all around us, the heat is on. Actually, it was probably about this time last year that I used that phrase for another one of my blog post titles. But this year, we can escape the heat in our new future home. Smile So that’s what we’ve been doing.

Right now we are both hanging out, checking out our various faves on our computers, and watching a little tv. We are lucky that our wireless internet is strong enough that we can connect to it out here with a really strong signal.

We have the cats over here with us, but we will be bringing them back over to the house before we head to bed. They are really adapting well, and tonight is the first time that they seem to be settling down quickly. They didn’t even “complain” when we brought them over tonight. However, our last experience on Saturday had its ups and downs. They did pretty well during the day, and I thought they had really started to get used to their new digs. But then we went to bed, and Ariel decided that enough was enough, and she was ready to go home! She basically walked on us, meowing, for most of the night. By the next morning, we decided that we will give them a chance to get more used to the place before we keep them here overnight again. The next overnight test will be in September when we go to Lake George for a few days.

Tomorrow evening, the realtor will be coming over to share his findings with us. It will be our first major “reality check.” Even though we have about 17 months until we put our house on the market, the reality is that the numbers aren’t going to change a great deal between now and then. So tomorrow we will have a better idea of what we can expect to be working with when we put the house on the market.


  1. We just started full timing June 1st with a dog (loves to go camping) & 2 cats who'd barely ever left home before. Thanfully, the cats have done extremely well. One never wanted out at home & is quite content to look out the windows of the trailer. The other will go out briefly on a leash to look around but soon wants back inside. I think once you take your cats somewhere where 'home' is not just outside the door, they will be much happier being inside in familiar territory. I believe both our cats would have wanted outside if we were still parked in front of "their" home.

  2. Good luck with the realtor tomorrow. Hope things go well.

    You mentioned an invite to Google+ and I'd be glad to send one but I don't have your email address. If you can send me that I'll take care of the rest.

  3. good luck with the realtor..and the kitty situation in the 'fiver'!..when we use to take our 'boy kitty' with us camping?..not pretty!..he didn't like it one bit!!..meowing constantly..running back and forth!..big cat in a small box on wheels..not our finest hours!!
    we are hoping that when it is our turn to hit the road he will adjust a bit better..he will be older and wiser so we are just hopeful..Tucker on the other hand is a great traveller..

  4. I'm just betting the cats will adjust once you are on the road, usually "home" is wherever the ones who love them are. :) Good luck with the realtors, I'm glad that is behind us but remember many of us had to go through that to get out on the road and the experience made us value our freedom even more.

  5. We lived in our fiver one year before taking off. I found our cat on my last day of work. Leonard worked 3 more months. Since Lucky was only about 10 weeks old, he adjusted quite well - I suppose he thought it was better than living on the streets.

    From day one, he has worn a halter and knows when the leash gets attached it means outside. He never tries to leave the rig unless the leash is on him, then he is right at the door and ready to run down the steps.

    The first several trips he stayed in the fiver while traveling. He took to peeing where he wasn't. Took him to two vets, no medical issues. They said he was stressed.

    So we now keep him in the truck with us along with his cat carrier and litter box on the back floor. No problems at all.

    I would hope your cats will adjust. Sometimes it is just trying different approaches.

  6. I.M. just hopin' that "strange title" and "strange people" don't go hand in hand. Good luck with that realator person.