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Sunday, February 19, 2012

All Work and No Play…

IMG_1503…is not the best way to spend a weekend. So, with that in mind, we mixed a little of both in for today.

It was another absolutely beautiful winter day, with a gorgeous blue sky and a high in the 40s.



These days have been the norm rather than the exception this year. So far this is the 2nd least snowy winter on record since they have been keeping track of such things. And I’m not complaining!




We started out the day by getting back to work in the office. Harry sanded down the spots on the roof where he had spackled.

Once he finished that, we both got busy finishing the first coat of the paint, and moving on to the second.


He also gave the bathroom closet shelves a second coat of the white. In the next couple of days, we should be able to get that bathroom closet put back together. It’s going to look a lot more roomy as I have pitched a lot of what was in there.


And now for the play part of the day…we needed to make a run into Albany, so we decided that now was a good time to fit in Harry’s belated IMG_1505birthday meal. (You may recall he was a little under the weather on his birthday.) So we headed to lunch at…





Harry doesn’t seem to have minded the wait.

Cornbread with pecan butter…yum…





After a great meal and our stop at the store, we headed back home to finish the painting in the office.

IMG_1510It’s all done except the edging near the ceiling.






What a great feeling! We still have the trim to do, and the ceiling needs to be painted, but the majority of this room is done. We should have it finished by next weekend!



We are happy that we have another day off from work tomorrow.

Happy Presidents Day!


  1. Great work you guys! And Harry, a late happy birthday! I don't know how I missed it. We also took a day off yesterday. Our g'grandson's 1st birthday party then visited my sis in the hospital then out to our fav Mexican place.

  2. nice work on the office..the person that purchases your house is going to be very lucky!!

  3. Yum, Smokey Bones is good..we have one here too. As you can well imagine, George doesn't like it there..lol :-)

  4. GREAT place to take a break... looked yummy!!! The room is looking good too!
    Have fun

  5. All your hard work will definitely pay off!!! Nice job!!