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Saturday, February 4, 2012


We spent some time today working on both our places – former/present and future. Smile While I was at work this morning, Harry got started on the bathroom floor.


It’s looking good! The floor should be done tomorrow. We have a few places that we have to touch up with paint and then the vanity and mirror can be replaced.

We also went to Home Depot and picked up a couple items. Mostly stuff for the bathroom, but we did buy a new closet shelf for the downstairs guest room. And I couldn’t resist the temptation to look at storage options for the rv.



I bought some fabric baskets. I love the way they look. I am going to get a couple of those wire shelves to put underneath the baskets to add a little more storage to this area.





I put the other two baskets in the bottom section in the desk area up by the tv. Neither Harry nor I will ever use this for a desk. Now it has become a useful space.




I can’t wait until the weather really warms up so we can start organizing. We have decided that we are going to live in the rv once we put the house up for sale, so we have seven more months to get settled in. Fun, fun, fun!!!


  1. Ooh, I like that idea of the baskets. They will be very useful! Floor is nice as well. 7 months...that puts it into perspective. So close!

  2. I've been buying storage bins for theAlfa. Last week I went to the container store and found some for the cabnets over the bed. It is fun to shop!

  3. nice storage ideas!..love the green!