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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update on the Fiver

We heard from the repair place yesterday, and lots of good news! IMG_1489The work is progressing nicely. We originally took it there to have the slide adjustment done. They have already taken care of that, and said that the slide was out of alignment more than was visible to us. So it’s a good thing that Harry’s eagle eye noticed the lack of sealing at the top of the slide.

In addition to the slide adjustment, we decided to take care of a couple other items now, since we were taking it to a repair place anyway. The biggest one is a pin box upgrade. I’m sure that a lot of you know what I’m referring to when I say that we have not enjoyed the whiplash type of jerking one feels when traveling on roads that have expansion joints running across them. So Harry and I have been talking since last year about having an upgrade done, and have now decided that there is no time like the present!

Diederich’s will be installing a MorRyde pin box, which uses a rubber type spring to absorb the chocking motion between the truck and trailer. Harry went back and forth between that and the Trail Air Triglide, but the MorRyde won out. One of the reasons that Harry decided on the MorRyde was that he doesn’t have to be concerned with maintaining air bag pressure in the pin box. (Don’t I sound knowledgeable? Well, don’t be fooled – I am typing as Harry dictates! Flirt male)

Harry also is having Diederich’s do some regular preventative maintenance as well. They are repacking the axle bearings, and they also installed wet bolts on the suspension system.

All of the above has been completed except for the pin box upgrade. They ordered the MorRyde, and it should be in next week. So hopefully by the second weekend of March we can head over and pick ‘er up. Open-mouthed smile

Both Harry and I will be glad when the fiver is parked in our driveway once again.


  1. Kathy and I have scheduled our MorRyde pinbox installation for June 14th at their Facility in Elkhart Indiana.

    Something else you might also consider. If heaven forbid you had a fire in your trailer did you know you only have 22 seconds before your trailer will be totally engulfed. Now, How do you escape from the bedroom of a 5th wheel? There are many ways but MorRyde now has an escape ladder that installs under the trailer overhang behind the pinbox. After you level your trailer it takes 30 seconds to set-up and 30 seconds to secure for travel.

    That is our second MorRyde modification that we'll have done but not the last.

    It's about time.

  2. Maintainence and preventive care is always a good idea... Glad you're getting it all done.
    Have fun