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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finishing Touches

We are now getting to the point where we can say that we are doing the finishing touches on the various rooms. We’ve done all the biggest parts of each – painting the walls, redoing the floors, cleaning out most of the furniture. After completing the big jobs, we moved on to the next room to do the same, just leaving those little items to complete.

The office is almost finished. Harry will be working on painting the ceiling this morning while I am at work, and then we have the trim to paint. Thankfully, in most of the house the trim was not painted. But for some reason, when Harry painted that room years ago, he painted the walls and the trim the same color. So, since we had to do something with the trim, we bought a small can of a darker shade of the wall color. That is the only painting we have left to do in there. I should have pictures by tomorrow!

So – now this is the plan. Once the office is finished, we are going to start going room by room, and completely finishing each one. I think those small finishing touches will go relatively quickly, and it will be so good to knock all those little things off our list. We have been hoping that we could get the interior of the house pretty much done during the winter season, and I think we are on track to actually achieve that goal.

We should have the fiver back around the 10th of March hopefully. At that point, I am going to start moving some things over, the stuff we are keeping but don’t use all the time. That’s become part of the clutter issue at this point. I’ve gathered the “keeper” stuff together, so I don’t want to put it back away in the house. So we end up moving it from room to room, getting it out of the way while we’re working. For a long time it was in the office. But now we’re painting in there, so I moved it all to the guest room. It makes the house look so cluttered. Plus, I have no sense of how much room this stuff is going to take up in the fiver. I may need to pare it down further; I’m not sure. So I’ve decided it’s time to start moving in! (Yes, I’m going to make that extreme sacrifice! Be right back)

One other item being taken care of this week – the door to our basement is being replaced. Our current door has a cat door in it, as our cats’ litter box used to be down in the basement. We know a hole in the basement door would not be an asset during the selling process, so we went and picked up a new door a few days ago. The guy who did our kitchen last year is coming on Wed. to rehang the new door. Another finishing touch!

That list is getting shorter all the time!


  1. I left the door to the basement with the "cat door" when I sold my house. No one seemed to have a problem with it. And I don't think the people who bought my house have a cat. What will the cats do now?

  2. We haven't had the litter box in the basement since sometime last year. We bought one of those automatic littermaid boxes, and we didn't think the dampness down there would be good for it. Also we've been cleaning out down there, so we've had the cat door taped shut for awhile.

  3. All these things you are doing to the house is going to make it very marketable. It looks like the housing market is starting to pick up too. Yay!

  4. You guys are so busy ~ I bet you're excited about moving stuff into the fiver... Good LUCK!!!
    Have fun

  5. Once you've pared down and Spring arrives try having garage sales and after a couple of times things don't sell donate them to local charities. It's a quick decluttering and it opens the space up making the home look roomier.

    Your doing good and I'll bet your starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel already.

    Like Laurie and George said the housing markets are starting to pick up, who knows maybe you could find alternate living until Harry's retirement and sell the house this year.

    You'll be glad once it's gone. FREEDOM!

    It's about time.

  6. I can feel your excitement. You are getting so close to your new adventure. Yippee!!