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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Short Trip

Today we took a short trip – to the service place. It’s hard to believe, but it has been IMG_1486over three months since we were last out of our driveway with the fiver. And we were going to the same place!

I took one last picture of our full driveway as we were getting ready to head out.




We have no snow still, and the temps were in the low 40s, but it was a gray day with a cold wind. Brrrr…




We had an uneventful trip, but it all felt new again, and we had to get used to the feel of being out on the road and towing! Both Harry and I will be happy when we have a number of trips under our belt. Since we came back from TN last June, we have only been out of our driveway three times!


It seemed so strange to drive out and leave ‘er behind. Sad smile

But we are both glad that we are getting this work done long before the spring season gets here.




Our driveway looks so empty, through the dusty windshield. Flirt male






One great thing for today – Harry brought out the hitch cover we got at Christmas. Our hitch has been in the garage all this time, but now we can leave it right on the truck.

It fits perfectly!







We should hear something tomorrow or the next day from the service guy. And hopefully soon we will be heading back to bring ‘er home. Open-mouthed smile


  1. I think George has the same hitch cover. He really likes it, keeps it nice and dry.

    Aren't you amazed at the lack of snow this winter? Not complaining!

  2. I think we picked the wrong year to snowbird in order to miss the snow and cold. We have seemed to find it as we travel. It snowed a few days ago in TX hill country(BRRRRR) I would imagine it will be difficult to not just keep on trucking after getting your repairs done.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)