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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some New Pictures

IMG_1550We’re finished with the painting in the office!

The lighting was odd, so even though it’s hard to tell, it really is the same wall color in all of these pictures. (And the ceiling is white – it seems hard to tell in the picture.)



It feels so great to have this painting finished.








You can see the door to the office in the picture – it now has a cat door (for the moment!). Yes this is the door that was originally the door to the basement. On the door that was originally here on the office, there were some white rub marks that I had not been able to get out. Well, yesterday Harry had an awesome idea! He switched the office door with the hallway basement door. Now the white marks that were showing on the face of that door are inside at the top of the basement stairs. And when the guy comes on Wednesday to replace this door, he won’t have to work around our alarm system or the basement steps. A win-win-win resolution!

So back to today…while Harry was working on the painting, I was using the refinishing polish on the trim and doors in the other downstairs rooms. You may recall that we discovered this stuff last year when we were getting the condo ready to sell. Well, I just used the last of the can we bought last year this morning. We have already picked up a new can.

These are a couple before pictures…










and here are some of the afters…


The wood is so dry. The Restor-a-Finish polish really brings out the grain of the wood. Then I use a Feed ‘n’ Wax Wood conditioner to finish the process.








There are A LOT of doors and other wood surfaces in this house. I hope I can get the polishing finished within the next couple of weeks.

These weekends go TOO fast!


  1. You guys sure pack a lot of refinishing in these weekends. It is really looking good!

  2. Craig has been replacing doors and wood work too. Talk about a lot of doors, I just counted them, we have 28 interior doors and 7 doors to the outside! It's a big house.

  3. What a difference that wood polish makes. I have a lot of very old mahogany doors in my house - I should try some. Do you get it at Home Depot type stores?

  4. It is available at Home Depot and you find it next to the stains. It work great and its called Howard's Restore & Finish. Comes in 5 different colors I believe.

  5. I have been using Old English, but I'm going to get the Howard's and start over again! Sounds wonderful!