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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last Room Standing

We were busy beavers today, filled with new energy now that we can see the finish line to our home improvements.

As usual, I had my 6 hours of work to get through. While I was gone, Harry worked on the finishing touches in the bathroom. He caulked along the edges of the tub, the sink, and primed the shelves for the bathroom closet. He also took the rest of the painters tape off in the bathroom, and cleaned the trim in the office. No pictures of Harry’s work as those were all the kinds of jobs that add the needed finishing touches, but aren’t really able to be viewed in a photo.

Once I got home, I got busy finishing up the taping in the office, and then we headed to Home Depot for what we hope could be one of our last gallons of paint.

IMG_1495The last room to be painted…







It was still wet when I took these pictures, so it will lighten up somewhat as it dries. We hope to be able to finish this room tomorrow.

In case anyone is missing hearing about this, here are a couple photos from this day last year….



No word yet from the repair place on the fiver. We are hoping to hear early next week, but are somewhat relaxed about the timing since it is only the middle of February. Even so, I am sure Harry will be calling if we don’t hear something soon.


  1. Love the color you're painting the room ~ great choice. Things are moving along nicely!
    Have fun

  2. Oh my, we haven't seen snow in well over a year. Thanks for the reminder of what we are NOT missing.

  3. Doing great! Craig would never be able to work on more than one project in a day. If he did any one of those he would be done. Guess that why I don't see the end in sight.

  4. It's great to get things done. We put our house on the market 1/8/12. Now it's just a waiting game. Hoping to hit the road the Oct 1st.