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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Productivity Part II

We continued our productive weekend with another great day today. Outside was a little chilly, but in here, we were busy getting stuff accomplished!

Since yesterday I have listed and gotten rid of…a desk chair, a portable crib and all its contents, 2 cordless blinds, and a portable stereo system.IMG_1465

Going, going….GONE!!!

IMG_1462 - Copy IMG_1467 IMG_1469

IMG_1470I also worked in the office some more. I cleared off this entire shelving unit. Both of these shelves were covered this morning. Now, not only are they empty, they aren’t hanging on the wall! I have these shelves listed on freecycle. Hopefully I will get a taker soon.



Here is the office after my day of sorting. Those boxes under the window aren’t filled. One is a keeper box and one is a box that will be going into storage. There isn’t too much in here that we will be keeping.

This room is almost ready for painting.

While I was sorting and pitching, Harry was working in the downstairs bathroom.

He started out by applying the second coat of paint to the areas he had touched up, and the closet.


This closet is not easily painted. But it looks great with the fresh coat!

Harry had to be a contortionist today when he was installing the new faucet set in the vanity.







And the finished product!!




So this was a great weekend in terms of getting stuff done. Unfortunately, tomorrow is Monday and we have to go back to… Sad smile… sigh…


  1. The trek Back to XXXX will give you recharge time and the ability to refocus on what lays ahead.

    Keep up the good work you're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Good job in the bathroom. I think the office is probably the hardest room to sort through.

  3. You are doing great. The funny thing is, I have been encouraged to downsize all my junk and I am not even going to be RVing. We are way to old to do that.

    Leanne(Laurie & George's Mom)

  4. You're doing good with freecycle! That bathroom looks great too.

  5. You must be through the second turn and entering the back stretch!