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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scoping out the Territory

IMG_1517One of the benefits of making plans to travel to a campground in our home area is simply that – it is close to our home. So, on Monday, as it was another beautiful day, we decided to take a ride over and check out two of the campgrounds we are traveling to in the upcoming season.


It was really a gorgeous day, and relaxing, and we enjoyed the nice views as we traveled through the countryside.





Our first stop was the Copake KOA. It was all closed up, so we weren’t able to see much from the road. But we are glad that we made the trip. While the roads are passable with the fiver along the route we took on Monday, there were a lot of winding back roads. So we are going to make another trip over some day going along the highway, just to see which route we would rather take.



Our second stop was the campground where we will be going for a few days in July. That trip will be very easy – straight shot along a good road.

This campground was deserted but open, so we drove through and took a quick look around.




Obviously, at this place there are a number of people who check in and never check out.








We had a great time and enjoyed our quick trip. It really made us SO ready for camping season to get underway. Only 87 days until our first trip of the season!!


  1. We need days like that to recharge our batteries. I am glad you got out and explored

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  2. That is one thing that makes it difficult for us to spend cooler months in the northeast. So many campgrounds are closed. There is only one in our home area open and it is BAD!

    What a neat idea to take a small tour of the campgrounds where you will be staying.

  3. great idea to go and check things out...soon very soon you will be pulling out of the driveway for your first adventure of the year!

  4. Great idea to scope them out before going. Very exciting!

  5. Great to scope out your camping spots for this year but just don't let the hitchitch get the better of you. LOL.

    Keep up the good work, your big adventure will be starting soon.

    It's about time.

  6. It is a good thing to check out parks when you can...
    Have fun