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Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Again

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Harry. He took it easy on Wed. and is feeling much better now. It was a persistent bug. Now I’m just hoping I don’t get it!

We didn’t get too much accomplished this week other than planning type stuff. We’ve been checking items off our list, but I feel like we’re moving at a snail’s pace.

On one of the warm days we had recently, we went outside and opened up the slides. Everything looks good inside – no signs of little visitors. So all of Harry’s prep back in the fall has paid off. Harry did notice one small problem. When I opened the off door slide, Harry happened to be over in the living room area, and noticed that the top of the slide isn’t going firm against the seal when the slide is open. It’s tight at the bottom, but at the top there is a gap of about an inch. We are guessing it’s been that way right along and we just didn’t notice. So Harry called the guy at Heartland, and we are going to take it over to Diedrich’s, the place about 15 minutes from here where we took the rig after the tree fell on it in October. They are going to take a look and call Heartland with an estimate. From what I understand, it is an easy fix and just requires a slide adjustment. I’m glad we found it now though. It gives us time to get it taken care of long before our planned trips, which start in May. Smile

This weekend I hope we finally will get our bathroom put back together. It will be nice to have all of those pieces out of the office and back where they belong. The next item on the list is to start prepping the office for a paint job. It is the LAST room that we need to paint! Open-mouthed smile

We have a fast cold snap coming through on Sunday and Monday. Then the temps look to be rebounding back into the 40s. If the weather forecast is to be believed, we are going to make it to at least the 19th of February without any major snow. It sure has been an interesting winter…can it last right through March? Fingers crossed

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  1. It's good you found the gap. Think I'll call you eagle eyes. Last room to paint...yipee skippee!