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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Interesting Christmas

Yesterday turned out to be quite the day. IMG_3753It started out very nicely…had a big breakfast of fried eggs, potatoes, bacon and bagels…yum yum! Then we settled down to relax and watch a couple movies on dvd while the cats settled in for a long day’s nap on our bed. (You can probably see why we spread a blanket over our pillows.)

Again, our day took a bit of a turn in the afternoon. I was thinking of taking our Christmas decorations down in the next couple of days, so I asked Harry if he would get the boxes out of the basement for me. He was going outside anyway, so he went to grab those containers for me, and found WATER. We had a leak.



So Harry took most of the stuff out of the basement and got his supplies. I am so glad that I married a plumber’s son! What a job. There were so many fittings leaking.



Harry would change one out, and then I would go inside and run the water…and another one would show up. And then there was the hose that refused to come apart, and Harry had to cut it off and replace it with his own pex piping. He had a bag of 25 fittings and he now has four left! And Harry spent about three hours scrunched in the basement in wet clothes in 29 degree weather. Sad smile 

I’m sure I looked quite the sight as I stood outside the basement with my three layers of clothes on and wrapped in a multi-colored blanket!



Does it look as cold as it felt?

I have lived in NY my whole life and I am so tired of cold winter weather that cuts through you like a knife!




And now we have another storm coming through tomorrow. Forecasts are varied, but it sounds like we will be so lucky if we get just 5 to 7 inches. There are areas very close to us that are forecast for 12 to 17 inches, so here’s hoping!!

Twenty days left until we can head SOUTH!


  1. Well, this morning in Arkansas it is 29 degrees with a wind chill of 14 degrees AND we have 3-4 inches of snow. So, you will have to go further south than here. Although Sunday the temp was in the 70's and we were in short sleeves...So, I really can't complain too much.
    I wish I had only 20 days till I could head south...but, one of these days. Try to stay warm until you get to warmer temps.

    1. Yes I know what you mean - it's 20 degrees here right now. :( By the end of January, we hope to be in Georgia, and then Feb and March we will be in Florida. I can't wait!!

  2. The cold here in Jersey is the damp kind, so some days it is a struggle to stay warm even with good heating. Hope your basement stays dry, and I'm glad you could find the source of the leaks. Our first Monty had a basement leak, the source of which was never found.

  3. Glad Harry was able to get it taken care of. I am pretty handy, but plumbing is not something I am good at unfortunately.

  4. Not what you want to have to deal with on Christmas day. But it is wonderful to be married to a guy who knows how to fix things. I'd be in a world of hurt without Jim to take care of the rig. Hang in there - 20 days. You can make it. Then onto sunshine.

  5. Just when you thought you could escape winter :( I guess full-timing isn't without the fix r up problems. Glad Harry is handy with things like that!

  6. If harry hasn't done it yet try hanging a worklight in the basement near the waterlines. The heat generated from even a 60 watt incandescent bulb might keep the lines from freezing. Even wrapping the lines would be added protection. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. We do the lightbulb trick in our water locker on the motorhome as well.. I mounted a light socket on the lid of a 5 gallon Homer bucket and lay it on the floor so it doesn't touch anything. Lid is so big it doesn't get knocked over to burn something it shouldn't.. 100 watt bulb puts out enough heat to keep thing above freezing...

    Also a remote outdoor temp gauge with the sending unit down in the pipes will send the temp of the pipes locker up to your easy chair making for better peace of mind...

    Leaky pipes on Christmas Day seems like Murphy was working overtime... A good campfire story in warmer days though... Hang in there!!

  8. Still being novices, Jerry wanted me to ask if you guys have the Yetti/cold weather package on your Landmark? We got it with the thought in mind of being in winter temperatures. If you have it, does it not work well?

    Jerry just shook his head in sympathy at the photo of Harry in the basement...

    1. No we don't have the Yeti package - our rig was on the lot and had everything we wanted other than that, so we went without it. We haven't had any issues though - right now our highs are in the 20s and our lows are in the teens and we are comfy. We have thermometers behind the basement wall and in the docking center, and the temp hasn't gone below 40 degrees yet. Harry did put some foam insulation and heat tape in the docking center, so I'm sure that is helping too. We haven't even turned on the tank heaters yet.

  9. Ron and I are so sorry to hear about the leaks. I'm glad for you that Harry can fix things like that..Ron's dad was an electrician and that training has come in very handy for us as well. Now if we could just get us all down to some warm, calmer weather!

  10. Brrr. Cold tonight here in Pensacola. But not THAT COLD.

  11. The sticks and bricks where we moved from had 12 inches of snow yesterday. We were / are in Southern California in much better weather! Go to Florida ASAP!