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Saturday, October 23, 2010

And Now for the Weekend!

My mouse seems to have a life of its own this afternoon – it just singlehandedly (so to speak) erased my whole first paragraph. All I did was move it a little – didn’t touch the buttons or anything, honest!! Surprised smile

So what I started to say is that I am now home from work! I made it through the first week back. And nothing like a few weeks of disability to make the month go by fast – next week is the end of October already.

It is a dreary day out today – I don’t know what it is about fall and winter that make the days seem so dark. However, it is relatively warm out, so I am still going to venture out in a bit for today’s walk.

Harry is out in the garage working on his new shelving unit.

This is Harry very happy that this is his last project until spring.


This is how far he’s gotten so far. One more shelf is it for today. See all the mess around the shelving unit? That’s next year’s project! Sarcastic smile


I have been doing some online research today, having had a huge brainstorm in the middle of the night. I woke up this morning with Ariel sleeping next to me again, and that got me rethinking the boarding question. We still have four more vacations planned before we get the fiver, and I just hate the thought of leaving them there again – they were NOT happy campers.

Here is Ariel hanging out next to me while I work on my computer.


So, I had a very bright idea, and this morning I started looking up automatic pet food dispensers. There are a lot out there. Good ones aren’t cheap, but it’s going to be A LOT less than it cost to board them for a week – and they will be much happier! A win-win for all of us! Smile


  1. You might want to put out several extra litter pans as well.

    Isn't there someone who can stop by and check on them while you are gone?

    I always boarded my cats because I had to board the dog, but I think they would have been fine if they had food, water, and a couple of extra pans.

  2. Yeah, we already have two litter pans for them. We only change it once a week anyway (it's down in the basement) so the only thing we needed to figure out was the feeding aspect. (We have two water dispensers as well.)

  3. Sounds like a good plan to me. I bet they will be much happier in their own home.

  4. Good idea! I only have one cat, and he does fine by himself for a week, but I still have a friend come by. I always tell them once during the week, but they like to check in on Milo :)

  5. We travel with one cat (anybody want him??? Please???) I can't imagine the damage this little rascal would be if left alone for a week. He is extremely active and hyper. Last week we got something called Feliway. It plugs in like a Glade air freshner. Supposed to calm cats down.

    ALso, his litter pan gets emptied at least once a day. He can not abide by a dirty bathroom.

    Again, does someone want a psycho cat who bites toes and runs from window to window all night long because there are stray cats roaming the campground?

  6. We are lucky - our cats aren't at all destructive. They don't scratch stuff or fight at all. As long as we have a way to feed them, they should be completely fine by themselves for a week.