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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yes We Did!

But it wasn’t the plan for today, really!!


We went to the Chevy dealership this morning – but we were just looking! Well, we didn’t think there was going to be any temptation because Harry had checked the inventory online, and didn’t see what he wanted in stock. So we were just going to talk to the sales guy about when they would be getting more in and what kind of options their trucks had. Then we got to the dealership and, lo and behold, there were three on the lot. White, silver and grey, but we liked the grey.

IMAG0073[1] IMAG0072[1]

One test drive later and Harry was hooked!



…and I have to say that I’m pretty happy we made the move now because we got 0% financing. Can’t beat that!

Another step closer!! Open-mouthed smile

(By the way, all the pictures were taken with my phone – I thought they came out pretty good!)


  1. Way too cool! Nice truck, and good deal!

  2. I'm assuming that's the Duramax Diesel with the 6 speed Allison Transmission. If it is, that's a perfect choice and you should be able to pull whatever 5'er you decide to buy.

    I don't think that smile will be coming off Harry's face for quite some time.


  3. A BIG step forward. I guess going to the rally really motivated you. Maybe I should get Craig to one!

  4. Yup!! It's the Duramax Diesel with the 6 speed Allison Transmission. I believe it will serve us well.

  5. Congratulations, nice truck!!!
    One step closer...

  6. We are really happy with our Duramax Diesel - great choice - they are also quiet, not like the Dodge diesels!

  7. Very Nice! Gotta love that "New Car" Smell!

  8. whoohoo!..way to go..one step closer!!!..enjoy the new truck!!

  9. Wow, those rallies really fire ya up to get on with doin it! So now one of the big steps is behind you. 5ver will be next! Then you won't have to stay in any cabins anymore.

  10. How exciting!! The RV is not far behind.

  11. WOW! This is making you one step closer...

  12. Great news about the truck. That is one more step done. Before you know it you will have that 5er and heading on down the road.