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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Exciting Day

Today started out with an interesting bang! Our condo’s heat pump was being worked on today, and Harry was going to meet the guys there to let them in bright and early at 8:15. (As a little sidebar, we started this week switching off on which cars we drive. I only have to go about 10 miles a day in my car (roundtrip) while Harry puts more miles on his car daily, plus we tend to use his car whenever we go anywhere on the weekends. We noticed recently that the mileage on his car was catching up to mine, although my car is 2 years older. So we decided to drive each other’s cars to try to even up the mileage we’re putting on the cars.)

Back to this morning….Harry left our house around 7:20 to head to Scotia. I didn’t have to leave for work until about 8:10. So I was sitting on the couch, finishing up my coffee, thinking about heading upstairs to start getting ready when…..my phone rang. It was Harry, calling from his car. He had just realized that the keys to the condo were…yup, on his key chain, in my bag. Uh oh. All of a sudden, my heart gave that little jump like the one you feel when you realize you’ve overslept! So I grabbed my keys, threw on Harry’s moccasins, which happened to be the only shoes in sight, threw my coat on (over my sweatshirt and pajamas) and ran out to the car. I was on the phone with Harry at the same time while we figured out a place to meet in the middle. We decided to meet in the parking lot of my workplace. As I drove down our road, I passed the Hickory Hill truck on the way to our house. Sarcastic smile I wondered briefly what Tom was going to think when he walked into an empty house with lights on and tv still going. I made it to my workplace quickly and was able to wave at my boss as she arrived for work while I was waiting for Harry, very glad that she was not able to see into the car! She gave me one of those looks that said something like, what are you doing here so early? I’m sure she wondered even more when I drove away just a couple minutes later! Then it was back to the house where a very surprised Tom was starting his work in the kitchen when I walked back inside in my pajamas, oversized moccasins, sweatshirt and coat. Yeah, that was an interesting start to my day.

The end of the day was much nicer! I had a meeting after work and then came home to today’s changes in the kitchen! Open-mouthed smile




I am SO glad that we have had the kitchen work done now, when we can enjoy it for three years. I love it!!


  1. Pretty nice! It will be a joy to cook in.

  2. The granite top looks terrific - just like the rest of the kitchen. Very nice job!

  3. nice work on the kitchen!!..how great to have it done!!!

  4. Kitchen looks GREAT!!!
    Have fun & travel safe