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Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Snow

There’s a real difference between snow in the winter and snow in the spring.


Today we’re getting spring snow. It’s wet and heavy and sticks to the trees in a different way than the light fluffy snow we get all winter. It doesn’t pile up as fast either, and seems to go away faster. (Maybe that last part is just my imagination and/or wishful thinking.)


Because it is warmer out, the snow has a higher water content and turns into slush really quickly. You can see it where the tracks from Harry’s car tires went through, especially at the end of the driveway.


And when I stepped outside to take these pictures, I could even hear birds singing.

For some reason I’m really enjoying the sight of this spring snow. Now let’s hope we don’t lose power. Sarcastic smile


  1. your glass is half full this morning..good for you!!

  2. You've been snowbound too long when you start enjoying that stuff!!

  3. Haha Rick - that's what my sister said! It's still snowing, so my morning euphoria has worn off.

  4. Spring..sure..haha :) We got sleet this morning, then torrential rain, then back to a bit of snow. Hopefully it's over for now :)

  5. Great positive thoughts! The snow is beautiful. You've certainly had your share of it this winter, but enjoy it while you can. One day you'll look back on these winters with fond memories!

  6. Good attitude today. The key word is Spring ...