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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Lazy Quiet Day

It was a real quiet day around here. We actually slept in a little bit, although our little Ariel was walking all over us, and doing her best to wake us up for her morning head scratching. I just kept my hands under the covers and ignored her for a few minutes, until she gave up on us and jumped down, leaving us to sleep a bit longer in peace.

After a leisurely morning and a late breakfast, we settled in for a quiet day of….not doing too much of anything at all. I did stumble upon two unusual shows this afternoon to watch for a couple hours on the National Geographic channel – one about ex-Amish, and the following show on email-order brides. Yes, we learned something new on our lazy, quiet day.

In a bit, I’m going to make some sauce to have Fettuccine Alfredo for dinner. So that will be a nice end to our low-key day. Plus, the new season of Amazing Race starts tonight!

We are supposed to have another storm tonight, but I hope we don’t get too much. On a positive note, at least there are high 30s in the forecast for the end of the week so more snow will be melting hopefully! I am so so ready for spring and warmer weather.


  1. Sometimes it's just good to have a lazy day.
    I totally forgot about the Amazing race. thanks for the reminder!

    take care, stay safe!

  2. Hang in there Jessica. Those warmer days are on their way.


  3. Looks like you'll get less snow than us for a change! At least I'm off tomorrow, so I don't have to get out in it.

  4. Our snow was all gone in just a few hours. There still is a tiny bit in some dark corners, but today was sunny with big white fluffy clouds.

    Snow, once every two or three years is Exciting!

  5. cheers to you lazy day!!!..have a great week...hope that old man winter doesn't show his ugly head!