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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Common Theme

Seems like a good number of blogs I read are all talking about the same thing – the weather! Rick unfortunately was not able to take a dip in the pool yesterday, while Rod was preparing for the possibility of a few hours of freezing temperatures overnight. Both Al and Kim and Don were hunkered down in their rigs away from the cold of the southwest. In the meantime, Cindy, Denise, Sue, and Teri were all enjoying another fun go-around with some more white stuff. Phew! Winter is sure the number one topic on everyone’s minds these days. However, word is that the groundhog has given the word that spring is coming early this year. Works for me! Be right back

On the same topic, after watching the weather forecasts for Saturday, we decided not to chance the weather for that morning. So yesterday we made a hotel reservation in Newton MA for Friday night. Newton is right outside of Boston and only 8 miles from the place where the RV show is being held (according to mapquest). Friday is supposed to be a nice day, so we should have clear roads for traveling, and it won’t matter what it does on Saturday. I am really looking forward to the show! Should be a great time!! Open-mouthed smile


  1. Take lots of pictures at the RV show, I'm curious to see what is coming down the pipe that is new and improved!!


  2. have some fun at the show!..maybe you will find the rig of your dreams!!!

  3. Enjoy the show....and the snow!
    Safe travels!

  4. I sure hope that groundhog is right. The Chicago RV Show is next weekend and I am hoping to go for at least one day.

  5. Going to RV shows makes the future seem closer!

  6. Have fun at the show. It is a bit too far for us to make the run but we will be there in spirit.