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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Good News Tuesday

I was going to just put “Uggg” for my blog title, but decided I should probably use words instead. Sarcastic smile We’ve got “not so good news” on two different fronts. First, we had the inspection for the condo yesterday. Harry went, so that we would know right away whether anything was found. Most of the condo was in excellent shape, however, the inspection guy discovered a problem with the heat pump. We have heat in the condo because it is running on the electric back-up, which is why we didn’t know anything was going on. The heat pump is completely frozen over, which means there’s either a Freon leak, or the heat pump is gone completely. So we have to get a heating guy in there to check it out and let us know how much it will cost to fix it. If it has to be replaced, it could be $1700 – $2k. As always, there is a good news/bad news component. The good news is that it doesn’t affect our sale, because we’re just going to get it fixed. And we’re going to have one heck of a loss in this sale for our taxes next year.

The second “uggg” comes from looking out the window. It’s snowing. Again. And according to the weather guy, it’s going to snow until tomorrow night. We’re supposed to get 15 to 20 inches out of this by the time it’s over. <sigh> It’s hard to come up with a good news side for this one. The best I can do is that at least I’m off tomorrow so I can stay home and not be on the roads during the worst of the storm.

BUT, it’s February!! We have maybe 6 more weeks before it starts warming up and this stuff starts melting!!! Smile


  1. I hope it warms up soon for you guys... just come on down here to Florida! LOL Sorry about your heat pump that is a bummer.
    Try to stay warm...

  2. so sorry to hear about the heat pump!!..dang it anyway..and as for the snow!?..mother nature is giving her all this year!!!

    Happy February 1..drive safely!

  3. I shudder to think what an inspector is going to find wrong with this old place.

    When we bought our first place in the 60's it was buyer beware, as is!

    We had to replace a roof and a furnace right from the start!

  4. Yup, you two are getting pounded from every direction. But the condo is selling and the snow will be melting (eventually).

  5. We are getting snow too Jessica so at least we can cry on each others sholders. I am totally sick of the white stuff.

    It should be gone within a few weeks now that it is Feb. but should and does are two different things.

    We still have the rally to look forward too though.

    When is the closing date on the sale?


  6. Sorry to hear about the heat pump :( I worry how my inspection will come out on my old house. I will sell 'as is' because it's already upside down now.

    I'm with you on the snow. We got some today, and some more tonight with ice on top of that. I can't wait for TN!

  7. Hey guys!
    Sorry to hear about the heat pump, that totally sucks.
    I listed with a realtor last night, and am going to end up taking a loss on my house of about $5K. But we will save like crazy while living in a cheap apartment to afford that nicer motorhome and get on the road.

    Someday, we will sit by a campfire and laugh about all the misadventures that we had in getting to that point in our lives.

    I just know it!

    Cheers :)
    (I heard about your storms, that totally sucks - does your city shut down like the others)