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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Messy Messy

We are in the middle of that two day storm. So far we have maybe 18 inches. I don’t know how much we might get today, because now it’s raining/sleeting. Supposedly the rain is going to ease off, and then the snow is going to start back up. What fun! There was a question yesterday about how much our city shuts down during a storm. For a normal storm, about the only thing that shuts down are schools. I did find out this morning that my credit union did close a number of our offices today, but they left several large branches open and the main telephone office in Albany is open. If we felt like going out (which of course we don’t) all the local grocery stores and malls are open I’m sure. About the only storm I have ever been through that closed everything (at least for a day or two) was a HUGE ice storm back in January 1998. That was bad. We had no power for maybe 7 days.

Right now we are trying to decide what we are doing this weekend. We are going to Boston for the RV show on Saturday. But, of course, there is a chance we could get snow on Saturday – what else is new? So we are debating about making a hotel reservation close to Boston for Friday night. It would be just for sleeping basically, because I don’t get out of work until a little after 6 on Friday. But then we would only have a short distance to go Saturday morning, so we wouldn’t have far to travel if it is messy. What to do, what to do…..

Yesterday we had the beginning of our prep work for the kitchen remodel. Here are a few pictures…

IMG_4069 IMG_4065


The work starts on Monday!! Smile


  1. snow and more snow..how can you stand it!!..hope your plans come together for the RV show!!

  2. I know Sue! We are definitely sick of snow!! When I was younger, I didn't mind so much - I just accepted that was the way winter was. NOW, we are really looking forward to being able to hit the road and head south when that time of year approaches.

  3. Hope you are able to get to Boston for the big RV show. That would be nice. The reno start looks good!

  4. When we lived in Iowa, we had the exact same thing about shutting down if the weather was bad. If they shut stuff down for bad weather, they would have shut everything in November, and opened again in March, LOL. Gotta go on living even with the bad weather!