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Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Snow Pictures

I don’t know when it finally stopped snowing – sometime after I got home at 6:20. I have to admit that the trees are beautiful this morning. All the dirty snowbanks have been covered up with a fresh coat of white.


I don’t know what kind of shape those poor bushes are going to be in when this all melts for good. They’ve taken quite a beating this winter.



Our nice clean driveway is all snowed in again. But at least it’s just snow and not ice. It is supposed to rain on Monday, so hopefully our driveway snow at least will be gone pretty quickly.

I’m off to work in a bit, and this morning Gretchen is coming with the little guy. Time for the cats to go into hiding. Winking smile


  1. Fresh snow is beautiful. Covers all the dirty stuff for awhile, nice!
    I know what you mean about the cats hiding..when George's granddaughters come over, there goes Milo under the couch!

  2. Wow the snow is really beautiful... but it's time for it to stop for the year ☺☺☺
    Have a great day with the little one~~~