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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Spring Teaser

Today was a great day, as far as temperature went. I think our high got up to around 52 degrees. It would have been even better if it had been sunny, but we can’t have everything! I’ve been spending some of my spare time at work this week gazing out the window, trying to see if the snow banks have decreased at all. Sarcastic smile I have to say, I can’t really see much difference yet, although the pavement gets wet during the afternoon, so something must be melting. I have been taking pictures every morning to document the difference in the snow in our front yard that take place during this little warm up. There’s one more day yet to go before we go back to our normal February weather. I was actually thinking of all my blog buddies down in the southern regions of the country this afternoon while I was at work. It was so “warm” outside that we set the doors on the open setting so that they stayed open, so we could get the nice fresh air inside. Open-mouthed smile We left the doors open for at least a couple hours. It was so refreshing!!

Our kitchen remodel is coming along. The kitchen looks so great and it’s not even finished yet. Our sink is hooked up now, and we can use our dishwasher again. All of our cupboards are able to be used now, so over the weekend we can start putting our stuff away. There’s only one part of the project left, and it’s going to make another huge difference I think! The tile backsplash will be put in starting on Monday. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. Smile


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of it either. Be sure to post them.

  2. looking forward to seeing the kitchen all done!
    Have fun