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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Morning in Newton

Yesterday was a long day!! I got out of work at 6 and headed home. I had gotten most of my stuff ready in the morning so we were probably on the road by 6:30. It was a beautiful night for traveling though. The sky was so clear and we could see the small sliver of the moon hanging out in the sky. With a quick stop for dinner, we landed at our hotel around nine thirty. We are about 12 or 13 miles from Boston.

Our hotel room is pretty basic. This is Harry pretending to sleep. Sarcastic smile


The most cool thing about this room is the view. In all the hotels that we have stayed in while on our travels, we have almost always ended up on the 1st or 2nd floor. I think we were on a 4th floor once. In this hotel, we are on the 10th floor. I love the view! (well, the one beyond the parking garage)


As you can see, our hotel is right off the highway.


This is the first thing Harry noticed when he looked out the window. I zoomed in as much as possible. Next to the rising smoke, can you see the smaller spray of snow? Someone is snow blowing the roof over there.


We will be heading out to find breakfast shortly and then to the rv show. Have a great day!!


  1. Have fun! I'm hankering to go to the next RV show..probably in Atlantic City? It's been awhile. We've been so busy as you know, but it's starting to wind down now. Wish we could have made it up to Boston!!

  2. Great shot of the snowblower on the roof! Some of the older buildings with flat roof's have had their roof collapse this year with the weight of the snow (I think 4 buildings so far).
    Smart to get that snow off now, before the collapse!

    Have a great time you guys, and don't forget to take lots of pictures!!!


  3. have a great time!..your dream rv is out there somewhere!!!

  4. Have fun... I love RV shows you see so many great things and rigs!
    Stay warm & travel safe