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Sunday, July 15, 2012

And It Was a Busy Day!

My prediction in my morning blog yesterday turned out to be quite accurate!

Shortly after I finished writing it, it was time for me to get ready and head to work. Harry got busy with our plan for the day.


The first item on Harry’s agenda was to take a pile of brush over to the transfer station in town.







There was just a LITTLE pile there already.




IMG_2510Then he got busy painting the doors. The front door was the biggest challenge with the oval window in the center. The decorative grooves were the hardest part.


The finished product…











IMG_2520Harry was just finishing up with the front door when I got home from work.

We had a HUGE pile of wood to get rid of, plus stone and concrete bricks from the shed clearing.











We started filling the bagster around 3 o’clock. It was super hot, but we had only yesterday to get it done, so we knew we couldn’t put it off. We had already scheduled pickup, and gave them a bag ready date of tomorrow – hoping that the bag will be on our lawn for the shortest period of time.


It was a challenge but we got most of our crap in the bag.

In this bag are about 10 concrete blocks, 4 or 5 wheelbarrows full of rock, two hoses, some tent poles, other miscellaneous odds and ends and lots of wood!




We do have a few things left that we couldn’t quite fit inside. But most of it is gone.



A couple more house pics…














Today is a relaxing day! We’re heading to my sister’s for a family bbq, so that will be fun. (And we’re taking a truck load too – more stuff gone!!)

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Looking good! If you keep this up, that house will be on the market sooner than planned :)

  2. Everything looks so nice and fresh! Your timing is a bit ahead of the listing day. What are you going to do with those empty days?

    1. hahaha! You are funny, Nan! We're not worried about having too much time on our hands. We still have a small list of things we want to accomplish, plus two camping trips, and work every week. I can't even imagine what it is like to have a weekend without something planned for it. So if we should manage to get one of those, we will just enjoy it!! :)