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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time Away Goes Too Fast

We have had a wonderful time here at Brook n Wood Campground. I can’t believe that our time here is winding down to a close already. Matt, Hannah and Andrew headed home yesterday afternoon. We sure had a great time with them. I took loads of pictures of course, so I will share just a few of my favorites…


After weeks of basically no rain, we had two days with several hours worth of rain and storms. We were glad that we had tv for the kids to watch and some inside activities for them to do, but also glad that it cleared up so we could get back outside!!



A huge favorite activity for everyone was going swimming. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures – heading to the pool.




We managed to go swimming all three days even though the weather didn’t always cooperate. We had so much fun! You can see in the picture Uncle Harry defending himself in the seahorse wars!!





Ariel is usually very skittish around pretty much everyone other than myself and Harry, but Hannah managed to get pretty close several times.




I guess I have a lot of favorite pictures from our few days here, but I will have to start drawing this post to a close.






Suffice to say, I think we all had a really great time.



And now it’s time to think about heading home. We have an appointment this morning to get the fiver inspected on our way back.

This weekend we have to get back to working on the house. We have a list (is anyone surprised?) of those items we need to accomplish before the inside pictures are taken. So now that we have had a few days away, we will be getting back to business – AND looking forward to trip #4, which is now 24 days away!!


  1. Always great to have another trip in the planning. Someday they won't really be trips, just a way of life.

  2. Love the grandchildren pictures! They grow up even faster than our own kids did. Soon, you house will be sold, Harry will be retired and you will be on the road for a long, long trip!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time. I bet Harry's niece & nephews had a blast camping too!

    1. Yes we all had a lot of fun! I talked to my sister yesterday and she said the pool was definitely the biggest hit. That was our favorite part as well - lots of laughs. :)

  4. Ah the pool, one of these days I just might get brave enough to head to the one here at this park.

    Nothing like having little ones around to get us motivated, eh? Glad the time was delightful.