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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garage Organization!

Throughout this whole “clean out the house” process, the garage has continued to be an unorganized mess. It’s the place where everything converges – stuff we’re taking, stuff we’re storing, stuff we’re giving away – so it has constantly been full of STUFF!



I took this picture to show the nice clean outside from the power washing. But if you look past that, you can see the mess inside!



Recently, we decided that organizing the garage would make us feel a whole lot more prepared, knowing where everything was going. So we moved everything into piles.



This is the “going to my sister’s house pile. A few of these things are being stored in her basement, a few things we are giving to my sister, and there are a couple things here that we are bringing to the family bbq just to see if anyone wants it, as my brother and mom will also be there.




This is our “going in the last bagster or recycling bin” pile. We are doing the last bagster this weekend, so this pile will be gone soon.



This is our “give away” pile. Some of these things are going to co-workers of mine, and some we will put up on freecycle.







And finally, this is our taking with us pile. Thankfully, this is the smallest pile in the garage!!



We are feeling so much better now that we have the garage organized. By the end of this weekend, it should be looking a lot emptier!!


  1. Making great progress...you will be ready before you know it!

  2. Progress is being made and that is what counts. Eventually you will be done with this part of it. Then you get to figure out how to get everything in the rig. That will test your creative powers. lol

  3. you two are making great progress!!..love tha the take with you pile is very small!!..good luck with getting rid of the rest of the stuff!!

  4. Piles are a good thing. Soon they become less and less.

  5. Moving right along! Pretty soon the list won't have anything on it at all. Hope Harry's back feels better today.