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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cleaning Up

The main project for today has been cleaning! While I was at work, Harry started the pressure washer and got busy on the deck and the vinyl siding.

A few before pictures…










You can especially see the dirt up toward the top.


The deck before…













And after…




















After I got home from work, we went through the house, taking out whatever we could see to go in the third bagster. We went through the two crawl spaces upstairs, the upstairs guest room, and the upstairs bathroom closet. We are starting to accumulate another decent pile in the garage. Our garage continues to stay full, as it is the gathering place before “departure”, but our house is getting pretty empty. All we have in our bedroom now is our bed and one old wood tv stand that is taking the place of a bedside stand.

We wanted to work on the shed today, but didn’t get to it. So that is tomorrow’s project.


  1. Great job! It looks to me that you will be able to put your house on the market even sooner!

    1. No, unfortunately, October 15th is a firm date for our house going on the market. We can't leave until after January, so we are pretty tied into our timeline. It's still coming fast though. :)

    2. Well, now...guess nothing really is as constant as change...we have found a campground about 2 and a half hours of here that is open year round. We are thinking of options if we put the house on sale sooner and it sells right away.

  2. Each day a little more done. OOPS, Sorry! Some days a LOT more done.

  3. Just reading about all that work made me tired. Amazing work ethic!

  4. The deck looks great. We put in one of those phony wood decks a few years back and haven't been really happy with how much maintenance is required. It's not easy to keep it clean. I think I like real wood better.

  5. Nice job with the power washer, the deck looks like new.

  6. Power washing sure does the trick! Everything looks so nice and clean and ready for the next owners!! :-)