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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Shrinking List!!

It’s been a great weekend – for many reasons…First, it rained most of the weekend, which normally wouldn’t have been a positive, but we really needed it. You can’t even tell now where those bagsters sat on the lawn; the grass looks great. Secondly, we slept in until almost 8 o’clock this morning!! I can’t remember the last time we slept that late in the morning. And last, we knocked SO MUCH off the list this weekend!

IMG_2742Harry had three big things on his to-do list – all finishing touches of previous projects that have been put off for quite a while – the door to the deck had to be stained,





and the living room closet and bathroom closet needed new flooring.






They are all DONE!





After I got home from work yesterday, I worked on the table downstairs and the shelf next to the laundry area.





I still have a few edges to finish up, but this project is pretty close to being finished.


We both also took care of some other loose ends.




Harry finished the trim in the upstairs closet and put in the closet guide.

He also had a little piece of the door trim to fix around the office door.



In the meantime, I was up to a few more mundane types of projects…I cleaned the refrigerator and emptied it out. We have a few things to use up out of the freezer but I have been avoiding the purchase of frozen items as much as possible, so by the end of August the freezer should be pretty empty too. I cleaned out a few more picture frames and gave the kitchen cupboards a wipe down. I also did two loads of laundry from our trip. There are no pictures of any of these exciting activities unfortunately. Flirt male

We are SO close! We have two more weekends in August to work on these projects, but we feel much better about it now that we can cross so many items off our list from this weekend. Next weekend, we will take a break with a trip to MA to visit our little guy.


  1. That house is So ready to sell! I hope you get a good offer the first week it's on the market!

  2. You guys are forging right ahead. 42 days!

  3. You guys have worked really hard and I hope it pays off for you. So exciting. Harry sure does look happy in that header photo.

  4. You are so ready you might even be able to put the house on the market earlier than you thought and that will really put a smile on both your faces.

    It's about time.

  5. The fixes all look really nice. You guys are sure working hard to get where you want to be! Won't be long...

  6. Great work! Your blog brings back memories. I sure hope your place sells in a flash!