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Friday, July 27, 2012

Progress in the Home Stretch

IMG_2713While we were away this past week, our realtor came over and took some pictures of the outside of our house. The weather was a little hazy those days, so she wasn’t quite as happy with the look of the sky against the house – she said they would be ok, but she would prefer a more blue sky as a backdrop. She will try again in August when we head out to go north.

I was just looking at a calendar and five weeks from today is the 31st of August. So we have five weeks to finish up our little projects around here, get the place all cleaned up, and IMG_2718ready for the inside pictures. Out of that five weeks, we are going to be away for two of the weekends, so that leaves three for actually working on stuff. The things left on our list aren’t big items, thankfully, but still we feel like THE LIST has been hanging over our heads for so long that we are going to feel so free when it has all been accomplished.




We are even making some progress in the garage. We moved everything over to one side so that we could bring the car inside while we were gone.



IMG_2721We have a few more things to get rid of, so I will be listing them on freecycle this coming week.

It’s hard to believe after all this planning, but we are on the home stretch – we are almost finished. Both of us are so looking forward to having a weekend when we can just do nothing, and know that we don’t have a LIST hanging over our heads!!


  1. It is exciting to read your countdown! The finish line is sooo close.

  2. At last - some possible "Down time".

  3. Seems like the time has just flown by and now you really are in the home stretch. What an exciting time! Enjoy!