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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Fun Family Day

IMG_2561Yesterday was a great day with some downtime from working on the house. We headed out bright and early yesterday morning for my sister’s house (with a truckload of stuff!). I didn’t take a picture of the truck, but I do have a picture of the nice empty spot in our garage!

Almost the whole gang…my mom and stepdad, my sister Denise and her husband Mike, my brother Joe, Harry and me…

IMG_2554Even though all of my family lives in New York, we are still all three or four hours away from each other – my mom lives up north, my brother lives out west towards Syracuse, and my sister and I live here in the capital region.



IMG_2551So unfortunately, we aren’t able to all get together too often. This is the first time we have all gotten together in over a year. Well, almost all of us…we were still missing my sister-in-law Terri and my oldest nephew Joshua.




We had a great time and lots of laughs. AND, we have already managed to find another date to get together in the fall. Smile



IMG_2555All too soon, it was time to head home. Harry and I were excited to see our lawn and bushes, as they were being trimmed and evened up while we were away.




We were extremely happy to see the bushes with their new “do”.

We are down to crunch time now – there are only a few days before our outside pictures are taken. It’s going to be a busy week!!


A view of our house from the corner of our property…



  1. One thing I should suggest is some bright colorful flowers. The house looks lovely, but it is missing some pazazz! Some color! Red would be great...

    1. We planted some flowers already. And we have plans for wildflowers in the area where the shed was out in the back. That will be all that we will have time for, I'm afraid. Once we finish with our list, we are calling it quits and hoping for the best.