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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Settled In

IMG_2585Trip #3 has begun!

We are settled in to a nice quiet site in a pretty open area. We got our satellite with no problem, which was awesome. Especially since I’m not even sure that this place has cable. Maybe. They have wifi thought so I am happy about that. And so far the wifi seems decent. (Harry just checked and there is cable, but I’m still glad we have our directv.)

IMG_2589We have a back in site, but backing in went very well, thanks to the owner. I had asked about a pull through, and turns out they don’t have any, but the woman said, “oh don’t worry, Joe is great at getting people in their site”. Wow, was she right! Joe lived up to his reputation – stood next to the open window on the passenger side and told Harry, turn it left, a little right, crank it hard this way. Voila! Right into the site.

IMG_2593We thought that our setting up would be so painless with a simple back right in under Harry’s belt. Umm, not so much. The front of our site angles quite a bit, so we had to hook the truck back up to take our wood supports out from under the front jacks. Even all the way down, we were out of level because the back end was already higher than the front. So we hooked back up, raised the trailer, and took the wood supports out. Lowered it back down, opened the handle, and the hitch jaws wouldn’t open. What the heck? Harry moved the truck a little back against the hitch and finally we got the jaws to open. We think it’s because the ground angles up right at that point, so maybe there was still a little weight on the hitch or something. Who knows. We’ve never encountered that issue before. We are just glad to be set up now.

So now, we are hanging out in our chairs, enjoying the sound of the crickets, and the coolness of the night air. Ahhh! Life is good.

Tomorrow our company arrives…Open-mouthed smile


  1. You guys are getting to be old pros at this! Good thing Harry was able to figure out getting it level.

  2. Enjoy your cool night air. It seems to be at a premium these days :) Hope the rest of your weekend goes great!

    1. That's one great thing about northern NY - we have cool nights almost all summer. :)

  3. With leveling being so important, I wonder why some campgrounds/parks have difficult sites. Glad Harry was able to get it all figured out. Enjoy the cool!!

  4. We had the same problem a while back. The jaws just wouldn't open. After much work (in the cold) Michael finally got it unhitched. But he, too, felt it has something to do with the angle that the truck and coach were sitting at.