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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Foundation Gone!


I spent a few hours this morning working on the area in the backyard, and have pretty much finished clearing away the shed foundation.

This is the way it looked when we stopped on Sunday.




There were about a dozen bricks left to move out, and a lot of small rocks from back when the area was cleared.




I used a garden rake to pull the rocks to the side in a pile. The larger ones I put back by the wall, and the smaller ones we will get rid of in our next (and last) bagster.







The three bricks toward the center were the hardest to pull out.



I am pretty pleased with my progress today…area cleared, bricks moved out…it is all ready for some topsoil and seeding.


  1. One more chore off your list and it puts you one day closer to your dream!

  2. nice job on getting it all prepped!..sure will be nice to see the grass sprouting up!