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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time’s Ticking Down

It seems like such a long time since we met with the realtor back in early April, and set the date for the outside pictures. Now we are down to the last couple of days and are trying to tick off as many items as we can before we leave for Brook n Wood Campground on Saturday.

IMG_2570Our third bagster was picked up yesterday. We were happy that it was only on the lawn for a few days, so the grass was still in pretty good shape. You can barely see now where the first two bagsters sat on the lawn. The grass has almost recovered.



The area where all of the shed debris and other garbage was gathered is almost all cleaned up. Whatever we still have out here to go will be brought into the garage before we leave here on Saturday afternoon so that it looks nice and tidy for the pictures.

Last night after I got home from work, we headed over to Walmart to do some grocery shopping for our trip. By the time we got home it was after 8 o’clock and then we had a quick dinner and watched a little tv before heading to bed.

IMG_2568Today being my day off – my main project is packing the fiver, doing laundry, getting the groceries put away, and all those other miscellaneous things that have to be done before a few days away.

Then we will just have Thursday evening and Friday evening to put the last finishing touches around here. The next couple of days are going to fly by!

It is super hot and muggy, and I am looking forward to being somewhere with a pool for a few days. Three more days until trip #3!!


  1. So far I have been dissapointed with the pools in RV parks. Perhaps it is because we have choosen the less expensive places. But the last one we were at in FT. Bragg was the largest and most expensive in the area. No pool at all!

    Maybe it is a West Coast or California thing. The nice place we stayed at in Palm Springs had a wonderful pool. Of course their daily rate was OVER $75. per night. We were there asart of a ralley so we didn't see the price until I asked at the desk. The rally was over $100 0per day

    1. The pools in the two parks we stayed in so far looked pretty nice, but we didn't use them at all. In May, it wasn't open yet, and in June, we were so busy with the rally that we just didn't make it to the pool. But this time we are going with kids :), so I am sure that using the pool is going to be a big part of our days.

  2. Most of the campgrounds we stay in do not have pools but some do. We have never used one. I'm not sure why, but if this heat doesn't break soon, I'm going to go looking for one!
    Enjoy your trip.

  3. We have been here for three weeks and have yet to get close to the pool! The water was so hot they had to do a water exchange! Have fun!