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Friday, July 13, 2012

Home Stretch

With our new timeline, Harry and I really feel the adrenalin of the last push to the finish line! After looking at a calendar, we discovered that September 15th, which we picked because it was the middle of the month, was a Saturday. So we moved our date one more time – to September 10, 2012. That is our FINAL answer. No more moves. We will meet with the realtor the beginning of September to sign papers. One and a half months away.

I have been doing a lot of picking up of odds and ends. Those things that we weren’t ready to pitch. Pads of paper with a few pages left. Things like that. I’m ready to pitch them now!

I went around the house this morning and took a few pictures…

IMG_2486Dining room…







Downstairs bedroom…





Downstairs office…








One of the upstairs bedrooms…















I will post more as I take them…

I am loving the excitement of the home stretch!


  1. we can feel the excitment!..you are so lucky to be in the home stretch!!..the house looks great..free of stuff!!!..how wonderful that must be!!

  2. The house is really looking spacious and clean and lovely. It took me awhile before I threw out all those odds and ends. I was such a pack rat but after about six months on the road, I was more than ready to throw it out.